Press Release: Fresh Fall Programming for Teachers on UCTV This Fall (8/23/2005)

Fresh Fall Programming for Teachers on UCTV This Fall

San Diego, August 23, 2005--From the Nobel Laureates who shape the way we view the world, to the scientists who help us understand how it all works, this Fall on UCTV's "The Teacher's P.E.T." (Professional Education for Teachers) will surely enhance many teachers' lesson plans, if not expand their own knowledge base. Beginning September 6, this one-hour program block for teachers launches a line-up of new programs from the UC Berkeley campus (among others), including the "Uniqueness of California" series from the UC Museum of Paleontology, and exclusive interviews with Nobel Laureates on "Conversations with History." "The Teacher's P.E.T." airs Monday through Thursday at 4:00PM (Pacific) on UCTV.

Beginning September 6, tune in for "The Uniqueness of California," a five-part series from the UC Museum of Paleontology covering topics ranging from the state's seismic activity to unearthing fascinating fossil records. The series is taken from a short course for teachers held at the museum and co-sponsored by the California Academy of Sciences, California Science Teachers Association and the Oakland Museum of California. Air dates follow (all times are 4PM Pacific):

  • Faulting California (Sept 6)
  • California Dinosaurs and the Environments in Which They Lived (Sept 8)
  • California's Sharks - Past and Present (Sept 13)
  • Yosemite Revisited: Distributional Shifts of California's Terrestrial Vertebrates (Sept 15)
  • California's Coast Redwood and the Land-Sea Connection (Sept 20)
Beginning September 26, Nobel Laureates of yesterday and today take over "The Teacher's P.E.T." on Mondays with a special line-up of "Conversations With History." This series from UC Berkeley's Institute of International Studies provides viewers unprecedented access to today's thought leaders, and host Harry Kreisler guides viewers on this hour-long journey. Air dates follow:
  • Charles Townes: Adventures of a Scientist (Sept 26)
  • Wole Soyinka: Writing, Theater Arts, and Political Activism (Oct 3)
  • Zhores I. Alferov: Scientific Discovery and the Information Age (Oct 10)
  • Kenzaburo Oe: Art and Healing (Oct 17)
  • Linus Pauling: The Peace Movement in Historical Perspective (Oct 24)
  • Amartya Sen: Reflections on Theory in the Social Sciences (Oct 31)
  • Steven Chu: A Scientist's Random Walk (Nov 7)
Airing every Monday through Thursday at 4:00PM (Pacific), "The Teacher's P.E.T." (Professional Education for Teachers) is designed to enrich the classroom experience, help teachers stay up to date on research developments in their subject areas, and prepare students (and their parents) for college. The companion website ( conveniently aligns each program with California State Board of Education Content Standards, and provides complete broadcast schedules and links to view the programs "on-demand."

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