Press Release: University of California Television Available on Google Video (2/22/2006)

University of California Television Available on Google Video

La Jolla, February 22, 2006--University of California Television (UCTV) today announced that it made more than 1,000 hours of UCTV programming available to be downloaded and viewed for free on the Google Video service.

UCTV brings to Google Video its largest collection of educational video content, with UCTV programs from throughout the ten-campus UC system in subjects such as public affairs, science, health and medicine, humanities, and the arts. The UCTV video collection is unique in its scope, featuring interviews, lectures, documentaries, musical performances and more, with guests that range from scientists and CEOs to poets and artists.

Although UCTV is available nationwide on Dish Network satellite, cable and online, its presence on the Google Video search engine will greatly expand UCTV’s reach to millions more web users worldwide.

“We are so pleased to have forged this partnership with Google Video and look forward to making our programming accessible to their many users,” stated UCTV’s director Lynn Burnstan. “Finding reliable, accurate content on the Internet is so important today, and we know UCTV’s content will meet this need for Google Video’s users.”

Google Video is the world's first open online video marketplace, where users can search for, watch and even buy an ever-growing collection of TV shows, movies, music videos, documentaries, personal productions and more.

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