Press Release: UCTV's Election Programming Breaks from the Television Norm (10/1/2008)

UCTV’s Election Programming Breaks from the Television Norm
October 1, 2008

LA JOLLA, CA – With so much at stake in the upcoming election, it’s hard to believe how difficult it is to find quality, in-depth information amidst the hectic 24-hour television news cycle. That’s why University of California Television (UCTV) has gathered together its finest election-related programs, providing the public with informed opinions, thorough analysis, and thoughtful debate about the important issues facing the country. UCTV’s extensive collection of free online videos, podcasts, and helpful links is available at

Whether your topic of concern is the economic crisis, global warming, or everything in between, UCTV’s Election 2008 site is organized by issue to help you find the program that suits your interests. Topics include the candidates and their campaigns, climate change, the economy, energy, foreign policy, healthcare, immigration, religion, the Bush Years, and war.

Featured among UCTV’s Election 2008 programming is the “Choosing the Next President” series from UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies. The latest installments of this ten-part series address “War and Presidential Politics” featuring a panel of experts from UC Berkeley, Harvard and MIT, “Rethinking Presidential Power in the 21st Century” with guests from Yale, Columbia, Stanford, and University of Chicago, and “War and Terrorism in the 2008 Election” with Washington Post polling director Jonathan Cohen.

Also featured in UCTV’s Election 2008 line-up is the ongoing interview series “The Body Politic” from UC San Diego. Host and political science professor Peter Gourevitch welcomes guests for an even-handed approach to “Judging the Candidates for President” that also examines the impact that race and gender have on this historic campaign. During “Immigration 2008,” Gourevitch and his panel explain the candidates’ views on this controversial issue. Tune in on October 22 for a fresh installment featuring a timely discussion about the “Closing Days of Campaign ’08.”

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