University of California YouTube Series Shows How Farming Innovations can Sustainably Feed the Future

4-part series about UC Davis research and training available on UCTV Prime channel

LA JOLLA, CA The global population is expected to hit 9 billion by 2050 and there s an urgent need to reform food production to meet the rising demand. The new four-part YouTube series 9 Billion Mouths to Feed: The Future of Farming, now available on University of California s YouTube original channel UCTV Prime, examines these challenges and demonstrates how UC Davis researchers and students are working together to develop innovative ways to feed the world without depleting our resources, while also training the next generation of farmers in sustainable, high-tech farming practices. Video and more information available at

UCTV Prime s 9 Billion Mouths to Feed: The Future of Farming or

Farming Today Episode 1
California agriculture is a $37.5 billion industry with the Golden State being home to nine of the nation s top ten producing counties. We ll take a look at innovation born at UC Davis that has changed the way farmers do their jobs, and see how agriculture experts of the future are preparing to meet the many challenges ahead.

Field to Fork Episode 2
Agriculture isn t just about sowing the land; it s about finding solutions to modern problems facing our food supply. With farmland shrinking and a hungry population growing, what is UC Davis doing to ensure an abundant food supply that will be healthier, last longer, taste better? We ll learn about the 100-year experiment and meet the first graduates of a brand new major: sustainable agriculture and food systems.

Keeping It Green Episode 3
There s no question agriculture has a considerable environmental footprint. In this episode, you ll see how UC Davis researchers are working with farmers across the state to find ways to reduce that impact. We ll talk about water, soil, and air and we ll take a look at the Bovine Bubbles that brought one UC Davis researcher international attention and cleared the air when it comes to how much gas cows really produce.

High Tech Agriculture Episode 4
In a world of advanced technology, science, and environmental concern, we talk to students who have a vision for the future of farming and are working to create high-tech tools to help make agriculture more precise. We also take a look at plant genetics, biotechnology, and a unique couple - an organic farmer and a plant geneticist both of whom work at UC Davis and strongly believe that the two traditionally opposing sides actually have the same goals.

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