UCTV Edit Stylebook: Location Multi-Camera Shoots

Some programs, particularly music and dance performances, that are shot on location with 3 or 4 cameras are switched "live to tape" with fine-tuning done in editing. When possible it is efficient to put programs into a series that unifies the open and other graphic elements. Many of these programs will be "specials", that is, they are stand-alone programs that are not part of a series.

If it is a music or dance performance, each piece should identified. This can be done with a text page before the piece begins or with a lower third CG over the beginning of the piece. This CG should contain at least the title of the piece, perhaps the creator (composer, choreographer, etc) The font should the same as or complimentary to the font used in the title sequence.

As with the studio programs, the end credits contain all performers and all crew members, as well as disclaimer and copyright.
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