UCTV Edit Stylebook: Studio Shoots

For this purpose studio programs are defined as a host interviewing one or more guests in the studio. Stylistically, the studio programs work much like the lecture programs. When possible studio shoots should be part of a series with a consistent show open, CG fonts, and end credits. It's important to keep all the programs in a series looking as uniform as possible. And, as before, simple, easy to read fonts & colors should be chosen, with boxes and/or lines added to add some style. If there are three or less guests these programs should rarely exceed 30 minutes. With a larger panel or guests with supplemental footage like film clips, 60 minutes is acceptable.

A typically title sequence might consist of a montage, over which is laid the series title, and sometimes the program title and a listing of host & guests. As with the lecture programs, full credentials and affiliations should be given during the title sequence.

Then comes the main body of the program - a discussion between the host and guest(s). Lower third I.D.s are dropped in the first time each person speaks, and then every 2 to 3 minutes afterwards on a close up of the person being ID'd. The lower third IDs are simpler than the opening credits and state name and affiliation.

Sometimes programs require some graphic inserts to illustrate a point that is being made. Graphics are cut in, and then dissolved between if there is more than one sequentially. Then cut back to the discussion. Arrows are added if necessary.

Effective out to the program a still graphic, over which center justified credits are cut or scrolled. Credits include the host, guests, a listing of all crew members, general production credit, disclaimer and copyright. Names are typically a larger font than their job heading. If there is more than one person listed under a heading (i.e. "Camera"), then the list is alphabetized.
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