UCTV Edit Stylebook: Time

Time slots are 30, 60, 90 and occasionally 120 minutes. The target time for a program is 90 seconds less than the slot length: 28:30, 58:30, 88:30, 118:30.

This is a general guideline with some flexibility. For various reasons, programs often are longer or shorter than the target time. Programs should not be longer than 15 seconds less than the slot time (29:45, 59:45 etc.), as the station I.D. should be played between programs. If a program is longer than that it should be at least 15 minutes into the next time slot (45:00, 75:00, etc.)

The time code on the master tape should begin at time code 00:59:00:00, and the program start is at exactly 01:00:00:00. The first minute on the tape is reserved for color bars, tone and slate. A typical order is:

00:59:00:00 - 00:59:14:29Black
00:59:15:00 - 00:59:44:29Color Bars & Tone
00:59:45:00 - 00:59:49:29Slate over Black
00:59:50:00 - 00:59:57:29Countdown
00:59:58:00 - 00:59:59:29Black
01:00:00:00Program start

Programs (other than performances) should end with a disclaimer. All programs need copyright note.

After program ends the tape should go to black.

Short programs (under 15 minutes) are also desired. Same Timecode and countdown requirements.
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