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Title: "California Master Gardener Lecture Series"
UC Campus: Agriculture and natural Resources (ANR)

Short Description: This series from UC Cooperative Extension and the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) presents classroom lectures given as part of ANR's unique Master Gardener course. With topics ranging from Pesticides to Weed Management, this popular series provides valuable information to avid gardeners. Many professors utilize PowerPoint or slides to enhance their lectures. They also field questions from the students in class.

Running Time: Either 60 or 90 minutes
Produced By: UC Cooperative Extension & ANR
Contact: Michael Poe
Website: UC Master Gardener Series

Production Information: This series demonstrates how a classroom lecture can be re-purposed for UCTV's general television audience. By choosing which lectures to edit for television and incorporating the PowerPoint or slides into the program during the editing process, the straight lecture can be broken up with more interesting visuals that also further learning. The series also utilizes two cameras to vary the types of camera shots, including a wide shot of the classroom as well as a close-up of the lecturer.
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