Familiarize yourself with your equipment before using it in production. Also, keep the manual handy during a shoot for last minute questions.

Focus and exposure should be on the speaker, not on the lectern or wall behind the speaker. As usual, use manual control to ensure proper focus and iris settings. Composition is also based on the speaker, not on banners or signs behind or to the side of the person. If there are signs or flags that may be visually distracting (such as a flagpole directly behind someone's head or a large white or shiny sign visible in a close-up or medium shot), try to move or rearrange them to a location that still keeps them visible to the audience yet does not compete with the subject for a viewer's attention. Or you may need to change your camera angle to assure that the distraction is not in frame.

A portable backdrop (such as those used in trade shows or conventions) can provide a quick, simple and clean background to the close-up. The backdrop can also hide the light stand of the backlight.

The use of multiple cameras is encouraged if matching models are available. To be most effective, each camera should have a different and unique angle on the subject. The cameras must also shoot different "size" shots (close-up, medium and wide). Timecode can be sent from one camera to the other so that each camera carries the same timecode into editing. Exposure and white balance should match, although a wideshot camera will have varying exposure during a lecture with projection. Each camera should get at least one track of usable audio, which can be achieved with a mic or line splitter between the source and the cameras.

If a second camera operator is not available, the wide shot can be locked off to a safe wide shot that includes some audience, the speaker and visuals, if they are used. You may want to run the video output of the second camera to an external monitor to watch the Wide Shot during the event.
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