Audience Q&A

Q & A can be handled by one of the following methods:
  • Audience members write down their questions for the host/presenter to read into the podium or lectern mic which the speaker then answers. Writing questions down makes them shorter, and also allows for screening of the questions.
  • The speaker repeats and summarizes the questions as they are asked.
  • Microphones and lights are set up for the audience to use and a second camera captures the audience member asking the question.

Methods that allow the camera to remain on the speaker and lectern are preferable unless there is a second camera. The use of one camera to handle two or more locations of interest results in poor quality video.

The Q & A time is sometimes the only opportunity to shoot cutaways of the audience. Shoot the first question and answer, and after the second question starts, shoot the cutaways. Then go back to shooting the Q & A.
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