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Arts & Music

Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana"
First Air Date: 6/11/2007
Views: 1,675,572
UC Davis Symphony Orchestra & Chorus perform Verdi.
First Air Date: 6/7/2004
Views: 333,505
UC Davis Symphony and Chorus
First Air Date: 11/12/2007
Views: 261,703

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Health & Medicine

Neuroscientific data/treatments for returning soldiers.
First Air Date: 4/7/2008
Views: 385,632
Damage caused by sugary foods.
First Air Date: 7/27/2009
Views: 493,838
Link between happiness, health and leadership
First Air Date: 6/1/2009
Views: 190,381

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Public Affairs

A look at the economic issues facing the middle class.
First Air Date: 6/11/2007
Views: 350,784
Noam Chomsky discusses activism, anarchism and the role the United States plays in the world today.
First Air Date: 6/24/2002
Views: 189,977
Impact of global warming.
First Air Date: 10/5/2009
Views: 117,969

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The effort to create confusion about global warming.
First Air Date: 12/12/2007
Views: 146,019
Chikashi Toyoshima on Calcium Pump Protein
First Air Date: 8/31/2009
Views: 121,306
Relationship of music and the brain
First Air Date: 4/19/2006
Views: 98,147

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The Dalai Lama on the importance of compassion
First Air Date: 9/21/2009
Views: 147,209
Interview with author Christopher Hitchens.
First Air Date: 8/19/2002
Views: 103,256
Critique of claims in novel.
First Air Date: 2/27/2006
Views: 87,041

More Popular Programs in Humanities


Cisco's John Morgridge.
First Air Date: 3/6/2006
Views: 400,311
Tom Patterson discusses Web 2.0 and its applications
First Air Date: 5/11/2009
Views: 95,340
Michael Crandell on the uses of cloud computing
First Air Date: 9/14/2009
Views: 88,031

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