Award-Winning UCTV Programs


Reconstructing the Brain in a Dish: Emergence of Neuroinflammation from Retrotransposons
(Bronze Telly, Documentary: Individual)


She is Fierce: The Art of Joyce Cutler-Shaw
(Bronze Telly, General-Cultural)


Diane Havlir: Searching for the End of AIDS
(Bronze Telly, General-Documentary)


Don Quixote (2014) - San Diego Opera Spotlight
(Gold Aurora Award; Bronze Telly, Online Video Cultural)

Life Lessons: The Impact of SDUSD's Visual & Performing Arts Department
(Bronze Telly, Online Video Education)


Samson and Delilah (2013) - San Diego Opera Spotlight
(Bronze Telly, Online Video Documentary)

On the Bridge: The Beginnings of Contemporary Percussion Music with Steven Schick -- To Be Musical
(Bronze Telly, Online Video Cultural)

Malashock Dance - 25th Season Celebration Concert
(Bronze Telly, Online Video Cultural; Choreography, NATAS Emmy Awards)


Building it Better: Earthquake-Resilient Hospitals for the Future
(Bronze Telly, Documentary)

San Diego Opera Spotlight: Moby-Dick
(Bronze Telly, Documentary)

The Skinny on Obesity (Ep. 2): Sickeningly Sweet
(Silver Telly, Health and Wellness)

Tan Dun's Water Passion - La Jolla Music Society's SummerFest 2012
(Gold Aurora, Music/Live Concert)

Colon Cancer Screening - Health Matters
(Gold Aurora, Fitness/Health)


The World’s Most Endangered Forests: Tropical Dry Forests of Oceania
(Bronze Telly, Nature/Wildlife)

Taking Control of Your Diabetes: Weight Management
(Gold Aurora, Fitness/Health)

UCSD at 50: UCSD by Design, Superbugs, Dileep Rao November 2010
(Platinum Best in Show Aurora, Magazine/Interview)

San Diego Opera Spotlight: Romeo and Juliet
(Bronze Telly)

La Jolla Music Society: SummerFest 2009: Stewart Copeland, Composer
(Bronze Telly)


Mapping the Future - Angelo Coast Range Reserve
(Gold Aurora, Nature/Environment;
Bronze Telly, Nature/Wildlife)

Disaster Volunteerism
(Gold Aurora, General Instruction)

Los Laureles Canyon: Research in Action
(Bronze Telly, Social Responsibility)


La Jolla Symphony & Chorus: Philip Glass' Cello Concerto
(Emmy Award, Silver Telly)

Health Matters: MS Doesn't Have Me
(Emmy, Bronze Telly, Freddie)

Devils Breath: Border Crossers Caught in San Diego Wildfires
(Emmy nomination)


Health Matters: Fertility and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
(Gold Aurora)


State of Minds: Sping 2005, UC Davis
(Silver Telly)

Mahler: Symphony No. 2 (Resurrection)
(Silver Telly)

New Dimensions in Classical Guitar: Mesut Ozgen and Friends in a Multimedia Performance
(Bronze Telly)

When Things Get Small
(Five Emmys, Three Bronze Tellys)

SummerFest 2005: Collaborating to Beethoven
(Bronze Telly)

State of Minds: Fall 2006 UCLA
(Bronze Telly)

Health Matters: Healthful Benefits of Pets
(Bronze Telly)


In the Shadow of White Mountain
(Emmy, Gold Aurora, Bronze Telly)

War Talk: A Student Marine Tells His Story
(Bronze Telly)


State of Minds: January 2004, UC San Diego
(Gold Aurora)


Coal Oil Point Reserve
(Bronze Telly)

State of Minds: October 2003, UC Berkeley
(Bronze Telly)

Trampling Out the Vintage: Reflections on John Steinbeck and The Grapes of Wrath
(Gold Aurora)


Claude Shannon: Father of the Information Age
(Gold Aurora)

Frontiers, Research Explorations: UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine
(Gold Aurora)

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