Press Release: UCTV Comes to Riverside (10/26/2004)

UCTV Comes to Riverside
The first UCR program will air today on Charter channel 95

By: Anh Luong
Contributing Writer

UCR programming is now available on the University of California Television program lineup. Members of the UCR community will be able to access the channel starting this month on Charter Communications cable, Channel 95.

UCTV combines all of the resources and activities of the University of California and airs them to the public through a variety of different programs. These programs usually include documentaries, faculty lectures, researches, and artistic performances covering various topics from heath to public affairs and arts.

"This agreement to launch UCTV on its own channel was a lengthy process as there were several entities that had to come together to make it happen," said Alison Gang, UCTV's communications manager.

In the past, UCTV has only been available to Dish Network subscribers nationwide. These subscribers make up over 11 million viewers.

In the past four years, UCTV has been aiming to gain carriage on cable systems throughout California, since cable is still a dominant provider for television service. This has not been a very easy task since UCTV is a non-commercial channel.

"Because of Charter's willingness to work cooperatively with UCTV, UCR, and the City of Riverside to open a channel slot on the digital tier, UCTV now has its own dedicated channel," Gang said.

The first UCR program will be aired today at 7:30 and 10:30 p.m.

"Riverside Report: Crisis in Higher Education" was filmed by a UCR crew and is about UCR's Mathematic Achievement and Collaboration for Teachers and Students, which includes a five-year project of educators from UCR and Jurupa Unified School District working as a team to develop student's success in Algebra I.

"Now that UCTV occupies this valuable channel space with 24 hours of programming, UCR has a wonderful opportunity to develop locally produced programming when budgets and time allows," Gang said.

UCTV is available 24 hours a day and has a different thematic lineup each night. The prime time line up of featured programming is as follows:

  • Monday- Health and Medicine

  • Tuesday- Science

  • Wednesday- Public Affairs

  • Thursday- Variety

  • Friday- Humanities

  • Saturday- Arts and Music

    "We hope that this partnership with UCTV, the City of Riverside, and Charter Communications, will lead to additional programming possibilities, both on campus and throughout the community," said Jack Azzaretto, UCR's vice chancellor for public service and international programs and the campus representative on the UCTV system-wide advisory group.

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