UCTV Celebrates 10 Years

Join us as we celebrate UCTV s tenth anniversary throughout 2010. Check back to see what we re spotlighting each month. You ll be amazed to see what we ve created over the last decade--and what s to come!

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UCTV's first decade has been an eventful journey. Follow along on the timeline to experience our most memorable milestones and achievements. (Or download a PDF of the timeline.)

December Spotlight: Best of the Decade

We’re wrapping up our 10th anniversary year with a look back at some of our most popular programs of the decade. From glorious symphonies to life-changing lectures, millions of viewers from around the globe have tuned in to UCTV on satellite, cable and the web.

Sugar: the Bitter Truth

Carl Orff: Carmina Burana

Darwin Evolving

More of the Best on UCTV

Congratulations, UCTV!

Enjoy these congratulatory videos from the University of California:

Juan Felipe Herrera and
Karen Wilson
Mark G. Yudof,
UC President

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January Spotlight: Nobel Laureates

February Spotlight: Black History Month

March Spotlight: Regarding Religion

April Spotlight: National Poetry Month

May Spotlight: Exploring Astronomy

June Spotlight: Journalism in Flux

July Spotlight: Innovators and Entrepreneurs

August Spotlight: All Things Green

September Spotlight: Education: K - You

October Spotlight: Women's Health

November Spotlight: Indulge in the Arts
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