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Sunday September 24, 2017

The human mind is one of the features that makes our species unusual, and any narrative of our origins must include explanations for how our mental facilities were generated by genetic and cultural evolutionary processes. Comparative studies with the minds of other species and direct studies of how the typical human brain creates the mind are valuable approaches. However, many useful clues can also be gleaned from studying extraordinary variations of the human mind. This Symposium brings together experts who have pursued in-depth explorations of some of these variations. Recorded on 05/05/2017.
Primetime Tonight (Pacific)
Dr. Lloyd "Holly" Smith - A Life in Medicine: People Shaping Healthcare Today 8:00 PM
Figuring Out What’s Real in an Era of Fake News: Why Journalism Matters Now More Than Ever 9:00 PM
CARTA: Extraordinary Variations of the Human Mind: Lessons for Anthropogeny: Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory; Acquired Savantism in Neurological Conditions;Synaesthesia: From Extraordinary Experiences to Enhanced Abilities 10:00 PM
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