Tam on STEAM
with Tam O’Shaughnessy
Cofounder, Sally Ride Science
Executive Director, Sally Ride Science @ UC San Diego
In Tam on STEAM, Sally Ride Science cofounder Tam O’Shaughnessy shares inspiring stories of women in science, technology, engineering, art design, and math (STEAM). Tam on STEAM gives you a personal perspective on key developments in fields from astronomy to zoology.

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How a daughter of immigrants became a leader in ocean and climate science
Tam on STEAM Young Ana Christina Ravelo seemed like a natural to become a scientist. Growing up in the Los Angeles suburb of Altadena, she excelled in math and science classes. She loved nature and outdoor activities. And beyond that, she had a striving, adventurous spirit inspired by her parents. “Both of my parents are […]
Why Sally Ride Science?
Tam on STEAM In 2001, I joined with pioneering astronaut Sally Ride, along with Karen Flammer and two other friends, to co-found a science education company. We called it Sally Ride Science. Our mission? To encourage young people—especially girls—to stick with science as they go through school. Why is this so important? Science and technology […]
How a girl from Down Under became an innovator in analyzing math models
Tam on STEAM Photo by Erik Jepsen/UC San Diego Publications Ruth Williams really likes to solve problems. In fact, one of her favorite sayings is, “I eat problems for breakfast.” Part of the appeal of math problems, she explained, is that there are two sides to solving them. Growing up in Australia, she was especially […]
How a girl who loved learning became a top soil scientist
Tam on STEAM When Asmeret Asefaw Berhe was growing up in Eritrea, a nation in Northern Africa, her dad had a pet name for her. In a large family that placed a high value on education, Berhe was the one who always had her nose in a book. Her parents expected her to go far. […]
How a girl who loved puzzles grew up to solve a galactic mystery
Tam on STEAM Andrea Ghez still remembers reading the article posted on a wall at her high school. A scientific study had concluded that boys were smarter than girls at math. Ghez didn’t buy it. She loved math. So she challenged the boys in her math class to a contest to see who could do […]
How a girl who cared about our planet became a leader in clean energy research
Tam on STEAM For a quiet girl growing up in the peaceful Los Angeles suburb of Chatsworth, reading opened up an amazing world. Jenny Yang made a trek to the library each week to check out a stack of books. Fiction was her favorite, but she also liked reading about science. “I just liked learning […]
How a girl who loved the sea found a career keeping an eye on our oceans
Tam on STEAM Growing up in Tacoma, Washington, Tessa Hill spent hours in and on the waters of Puget Sound. She loved boating, walking on the beach, and digging in the sand. “I was interested in all the things that were living in the sand and living on the rocks and living in the water,” […]
How a curious girl from hawaii became a science superstar
Tam on STEAM Growing up in Hilo on Hawaii’s Big Island, Jennifer Doudna loved to roam the rainforest around the housing tract where her family lived. In this wild landscape, exotic mosses and fungi caught her eye. She puzzled over one plant with leaves that folded shut when she touched them. ‘‘I’d look at that […]
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