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High school students learn about STEAM career experiences from 5 innovators.
Sally Ride Science Conversations: Beth Simon
Computer scientist, educator discusses ways to keep tech-phobic students engaged.
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Join middle school students as they discover jobs best suited for them.
Thinkabit: Make an LED Light Up and Blink
Step-by-step instructions for a fun engineering project.
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Why STEAM? Why is it important to integrate art into traditional STEM education?

New to The STEAM Channel, 2016
with Ed Hidalgo, Qualcomm and Ed Abeyta, UC San Diego

Though most American schools focus heavily on science, technology, engineering and mathematics, research has shown that arts education leads to better academic performance in all subjects.

How? Because the best solutions to problems often involve both sides of the brain -- the linear, convergent left and the creative, divergent right. So yes, students need the discipline of STEM but it's training in the arts that will spark innovation, improve communication and enhance their critical-thinking skills -- all keys to their success in the 21st century workforce.

Here on the STEAM Channel, we'll explore the STEAM movement from four perspectives; Research, Policy, Education and Industry.

You can see STEAM in action in Qualcomm's Thinkabit Lab here. We'll be adding more in the months ahead, with videos and lesson plans developed by education specialists and Qualcomm's career development team.

You can also learn from STEAM advocates who presented their best practices at the first two annual STEAMConnect Ascend Conferences, including shout-outs from the Congressional STEAM Caucus in Washington.

We welcome you to join us in this recalibrated approach to education, balancing the left with the right, as we, with our industry and government partners, go full steam ahead on STEAM!