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With Jeanne Blake

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The stigma that surrounds ECT and how it can save lives.
Premiere Date: 11/26/2015

Dealing with bullies.
Premiere Date: 3/3/2015

Dealing with domestic and sexual violence.
Premiere Date: 10/16/2014

New Alzheimer's disease initiatives.
Premiere Date: 10/14/2014

Preventing and reversing heart disease.
Premiere Date: 10/6/2013

Boston Moves for Health campaign.
Premiere Date: 4/18/2013

Discussion of skin cancer, in particular melanoma.
Premiere Date: 4/11/2013

A doctor and patient discuss prostate cancer.
Premiere Date: 1/17/2013

Pediatrician and author Mark Vonnegut on mental illness.
Premiere Date: 12/27/2012

A look at the myths about teen bullying.
Premiere Date: 11/15/2012

Preventing pregnancy and STDs in teens.
Premiere Date: 10/25/2012

An interview with members of the Start Strong Initiative.
Premiere Date: 9/11/2012

Dr. Paul Ruggieri discusses his life as a surgeon.
Premiere Date: 8/9/2012

Dr. Linsday Shaw on the effects of exercise on the brain.
Premiere Date: 7/12/2012

Living with breast cancer.
Premiere Date: 6/21/2012

A gang member's journey to turn his life around.
Premiere Date: 5/21/2012

Lung cancer from a doctor and patient's point of view.
Premiere Date: 5/17/2012

Concussions in child athletes.
Premiere Date: 4/26/2012

What can be done about childhood obesity.
Premiere Date: 3/22/2012

Bullying in athletics.
Premiere Date: 2/16/2012
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