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The impact of the 2016 election on progressive causes.
Premiere Date: 4/17/2017 Hits/Views: 3,917
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The current state of Iran and nuclear weapons.
Premiere Date: 5/26/2014 Hits/Views: 10,807
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The president's record on issues of global importance.
Premiere Date: 5/19/2014 Hits/Views: 17,213
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President Obama's re-election victory and his second term.
Premiere Date: 6/3/2013 Hits/Views: 12,152
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How uncertainty affects the economy.
Premiere Date: 10/22/2012 Hits/Views: 25,551
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Models for managing fiscal stress without bankruptcy.
Premiere Date: 10/15/2012 Hits/Views: 21,469
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Managing fiscal distress and restructuring.
Premiere Date: 10/8/2012 Hits/Views: 20,590
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Pension reform in California.
Premiere Date: 10/8/2012 Hits/Views: 27,696
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California's fiscal crisis at the state and local levels.
Premiere Date: 10/1/2012 Hits/Views: 40,372
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How communities address fiscal stress.
Premiere Date: 10/1/2012 Hits/Views: 32,939
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The relationship between Cuba and the U.S.
Premiere Date: 9/28/2012

US Senator Dick Durbin with pollster Peter Hart.
Premiere Date: 5/14/2012 Hits/Views: 15,311
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Obama's presidency and a look at the 2012 election.
Premiere Date: 4/23/2012 Hits/Views: 70,658
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Experts discuss how 9/11 changed America.
Premiere Date: 11/7/2011 Hits/Views: 38,859
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How healthcare reform will proceed in California.
Premiere Date: 4/25/2011 Hits/Views: 102,881
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Assessment of the presidency of Barack Obama.
Premiere Date: 4/25/2011 Hits/Views: 38,428
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Better managing the costs of health reform.
Premiere Date: 4/18/2011 Hits/Views: 155,428
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Experts analyze the 2010 California gubernatorial race.
Premiere Date: 2/21/2011 Hits/Views: 19,781
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Issues impacting US - Canada relations.
Premiere Date: 6/21/2010 Hits/Views: 29,928
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Relations among the United States, Canada and Mexico.
Premiere Date: 6/14/2010 Hits/Views: 43,988
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Policy and political perspectives on environmental issues
Premiere Date: 6/7/2010 Hits/Views: 22,248
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Policy and political perspectives on managing the arctic.
Premiere Date: 5/31/2010 Hits/Views: 21,274
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National security issues in North America
Premiere Date: 5/24/2010 Hits/Views: 22,038
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Economic issues influencing North American relationships
Premiere Date: 5/17/2010 Hits/Views: 29,845
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Political culture in Canada and US.
Premiere Date: 5/10/2010 Hits/Views: 27,867
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The complex relationship between Canada and the US.
Premiere Date: 5/3/2010 Hits/Views: 28,536
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Experts on what's next for California
Premiere Date: 1/11/2010 Hits/Views: 33,694
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Experts on whether to revise CA Constitution.
Premiere Date: 1/11/2010 Hits/Views: 38,494
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How Californians view state government.
Premiere Date: 1/4/2010 Hits/Views: 24,489
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Former California Congressman Victor H. Fazio.
Premiere Date: 1/4/2010 Hits/Views: 29,258
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Experts analyze cause of California's problems
Premiere Date: 1/4/2010 Hits/Views: 43,674
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Rasky, Brulte and Lockyer on California's problems.
Premiere Date: 1/4/2010 Hits/Views: 40,985
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Young people and politics.
Premiere Date: 6/15/2009 Hits/Views: 29,879
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Regional planning policies .
Premiere Date: 5/18/2009 Hits/Views: 38,482
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Politics, the new president, and the Republican Party.
Premiere Date: 5/18/2009 Hits/Views: 48,411
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2008 election & likely future of the Obama presidency.
Premiere Date: 5/18/2009 Hits/Views: 53,807
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The 2008 nomination process examined.
Premiere Date: 5/19/2008 Hits/Views: 34,888
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Annual review of the president from panel of experts
Premiere Date: 5/12/2008 Hits/Views: 38,283
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Assessment of President Bush during the last year
Premiere Date: 6/5/2007 Hits/Views: 17,718
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California voters.
Premiere Date: 3/20/2007 Hits/Views: 15,830
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The nature of the California electorate
Premiere Date: 3/19/2007 Hits/Views: 15,459
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Three women on working in CA politics
Premiere Date: 2/26/2007 Hits/Views: 17,095
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Impact 9/11 has had on the constitution.
Premiere Date: 10/2/2006 Hits/Views: 594

Review of President Bush's year.
Premiere Date: 5/1/2006 Hits/Views: 6,988
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California's Central Valley.
Premiere Date: 3/6/2006 Hits/Views: 1,776

Republicans' successful campaigns and what others need to do differently.
Premiere Date: 6/6/2005 Hits/Views: 3,056

2004 election, the new administration and Congress.
Premiere Date: 5/2/2005 Hits/Views: 5,418

The regional dimensions of housing
Premiere Date: 3/14/2005 Hits/Views: 557

How do we advance the issues that affect the long term health of America while our citizenry remains apathetic?
Premiere Date: 11/29/2004 Hits/Views: 1,134

The Center on Politics at UC Berkeley presents a panel discussion.
Premiere Date: 10/25/2004 Hits/Views: 633

Panel discusses the values and social issues presented in 2004 election decision.
Premiere Date: 10/18/2004 Hits/Views: 1,094

A panel discussion moderated by Harry Kreisler, Executive Director of the Institute of International Studies.
Premiere Date: 10/11/2004 Hits/Views: 1,078

Leading voices on the politics of the same sex marraige debate.
Premiere Date: 7/19/2004 Hits/Views: 37,568

Politics of the same sex marraige debate.
Premiere Date: 6/14/2004 Hits/Views: 8,164

Legal standing for same sex marraige debate.
Premiere Date: 6/8/2004 Hits/Views: 10,975

Panel of scholars & reporters on Pres. Bush
Premiere Date: 5/24/2004 Hits/Views: 219

A distinguished panel at UC Berkeley assesses the past year of the Bush presidency.
Premiere Date: 6/2/2003 Hits/Views: 23

Political consultants who become lobbyists,
Premiere Date: 5/12/2003 Hits/Views: 51

Loopholes in conflict of interest laws.
Premiere Date: 5/5/2003 Hits/Views: 54

Discussion on the principals of federalism.
Premiere Date: 1/13/2003 Hits/Views: 10,085

Challenges of immigration to US post 9/11.
Premiere Date: 10/21/2002 Hits/Views: 181

ethics of immigration post 9/11
Premiere Date: 10/7/2002 Hits/Views: 1,097

Issues related to globalization
Premiere Date: 10/1/2001 Hits/Views: 1,096

Urban Homelessness and Public Policy Solutions, produced by UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies.
Premiere Date: 10/1/2001 Hits/Views: 363

How term limits have changed representation and policy.
Premiere Date: 8/27/2001 Hits/Views: 197

Responding to negative effects of term limits.
Premiere Date: 8/20/2001 Hits/Views: 536

How campaigns are affected by term limits in California.
Premiere Date: 8/13/2001 Hits/Views: 8,327

How term limits have changed the way the capitol works.
Premiere Date: 8/6/2001 Hits/Views: 152

Money and influence in politics.
Premiere Date: 3/5/2001 Hits/Views: 222

Money and influence in politics
Premiere Date: 2/26/2001 Hits/Views: 10,260

Money and influence in politics.
Premiere Date: 2/19/2001 Hits/Views: 9,651

Looking back at a momentous year for Clinton.
Premiere Date: 9/19/2000 Hits/Views: 275

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