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Fighting Cancer with a Virus
Can cancer cells be killed without harming the healthy cells around them? A new clinical trial is testing that hypothesis using a treatment based on the vaccinia virus. Vaccinia has played a huge role in eradicating smallpox but is now taking on a new part in the fight against cancer. Dr. Loren Mell, a radiation […]
Sharks Without Borders: A Binational Effort to Study and Conserve Threatened Shark Species
Sharks have been around, essentially unchanged, for 400 million years. Their size, power, and massive jaws fill us with terror and fascination. And even though sharks kill fewer people than dogs each year, media coverage and movies of shark attacks have portrayed them as insatiable killing machines. They may rule the ocean, but sharks are […]
Story Hour in the Library 2014 Student Reading
Check out the brightest new writing talent from UC Berkeley. Join Story Hour in the Library as they celebrate UC Berkeley writers with their annual student reading. In this event, writers read short excerpts from their work, some of which include the year’s biggest prose prize winners. Students, Library interns, and faculty nominees tackle everything […]
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