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"Atmospheric rivers" are long, narrow bands of highly concentrated moisture that can carry as much water as Earth's largest rivers and can have profound impacts when they hit the California coast. Join Scripps researcher Marty Ralph as he describes their crucial role in both water supply and flooding across much of the U.S. West Coast, and how improved forecasting can help us harness these California rainmakers.

A virtual tour of the Englekirk Structural Engineering Center and the role it will play in preparing infrastructure for natural hazards, how the ocean influences mediterranean climate, how microbes benefit pine trees, the social life of bluebirds, and a very Smart Puppy all on this edition of OnBeyond.

This symposium brings together scientists representing evolutionary biology, genetics, dermatology, anthropology, and physiology to share their knowledge and questions about human skin in an explicitly evolutionary framework. UC San Diego's Rob Knight begins with a discussion about Ecology and Evolution of the Skin Microbiome, followed by Mark Stoneking on Of Lice and Men: The Molecular Evolution of Human Lice, and Chris Kuzawa on Subcutaneous Fat in Humans.

Juliann Allison, UC Riverside Public Policy, explores the environmental policy and politics associated with climate action. Recorded on 10/26/2015.

Nobel Laureate Mario Molina, UC San Diego, describes international actions to combat climate change. Recorded on 10/27/2015.
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