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Cancer is a lens in which to understand modern society and the acquisition of knowledge, argues Pulitzer-Prize winning author and oncologist Siddhartha Mukherjee. In this wide-ranging interview with journalist Dean Nelson, Dr. Mukherjee goes on to describe himself as a "sober optimist" about the future of cancer research as he urges the cancer community to demand more public support for cancer therapies, treatments and prevention. He was presented as part of the Exploring Ethics series convened around his best-selling book, "The Emperor of all Maladies: A Biography of Cancer " by the Center for Ethics in Science and Technology and the Helen Edison Lecture Series at UC San Diego Extension.

Gabriele Wienhausen, the Associate Dean of Education in the Division of Biological Sciences at UC San Diego, gives a rousing talk on the importance of being challenged in college, rather than choosing easy classes in pursuit of good grades. She argues that getting rattled out of one's comfort zone is also good for teachers as they strive to invigorate the process of learning.

UC San Diego visiting professor David Shirk evaluates the North American Free Trade Agreement at its 20th anniversary, an important milestone for the U.S., Mexican, and Canadian regional partnership. NAFTA was accompanied by continued economic integration, significant periods of job growth, and dramatic increases in foreign direct investment flows across all three countries. The agreement remains somewhat controversial because of its implications for currency valuations, industrial restructuring, and the environment. This lecture will review NAFTA's pros and cons as all three countries contemplate moving toward a new era of free trade and economic integration through the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.

During the waning days of South Africa's apartheid era, Judge Richard Goldstone led a series of investigations that exposed the human rights abuses committed by his own country's security forces--an effort that may well have prevented a full blown civil war. He then went on to serve as the chief prosecutor for two international war crimes tribunals; one for the former Yugoslavia, the other for Rwanda. In early December, Judge Goldstone spoke with California Lawyer magazine's contributing editor, Martin Lasden.

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld, Professors at the Yale Law School, for a discussion of their new book, "The Triple Package." Chua and Rubenfeld explain the rise and fall of certain cultural groups, primarily, 2nd generation recent immigrants to the U.S. These groups which demonstrate high success rates manifest 3 characteristics - a superiority complex (rooted in theology, history, or imported social hierarchies), a sense of insecurity (driven by scorn, fear and family) and impulse control(resulting in a drive to work harder). Chua and Rubenfeld analyze the interface of these characteristics with American institutions and incentives to create high rates of success as measured by material goals, academic achievement, and prestige. They also offer a critique of recent US cultural trends that contribute to American relative decline. Recorded on 02/14/2014.
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