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Mamphela Aletta Ramphele, from South Africa, has been a student activist against apartheid, a medical doctor, community development activist, researcher, university executive and global public servant, and is now an active citizen in both the public and private sectors. Recorded on 09/28/2015.

For over 50 years, the tireless efforts and boundless goodwill of tens of thousands of people have been poured into conflict resolution programs that are aimed at decreasing intergroup hostilities and putting people on a path to peace. However, mounting evidence shows that often these efforts are prone to either fall flat or even backfire. Why do many of these efforts sometimes fail, and how can we do better? Using the lens of cognitive neuroscience, Emile Bruneau, PhD, discusses how and why our brains set our common sense interventions up to fail, how intuitively appealing goals such as empathy and trust can be deeply problematic, and how the tools of experimental psychology and functional neuroimaging (fMRI) can be employed to understand intergroup hostility and promote peace. Recorded on 02/10/2016.

Game creator, tech executive and social entrepreneur Asi Burak makes an impassioned case for using digital games to spread "good" information, raise awareness, inspire social action and build civic participation as he recounts his own successes with the "PeaceMaker," an award-winning video game that simulates conflicts in the Middle East. Burak is presented by the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice at the University of San Diego.
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