CEPP’s New Executive Director
You founded the Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP) and served as its president for 30+ years. What need did you see that led you to found this organization?  Are there milestones you are particularly proud of from your tenure there?I founded CCAP with a bipartisan group of 7 state Governors led by Wisconsin Governor Tony Earl, early in President[…]
An End-of-Year Message from Dean Henry E. Brady
Dear Alumni and Friends of the Goldman School:Like many of you, I find myself reflecting on the state of our nation and world as 2016 draws to a close. I deeply believe in decency toward others, tolerance, respect for each and every person, the value of freedom, and the need for equal opportunity. I also believe in the importance of knowledge and[…]
The Truth About Young Immigrants and DACA
Maybe you’ve heard this story line before. With the blithe stroke of a pen and without congressional approval, President Obama gave legal status to a vast population of immigrants who entered the country unlawfully—because he wanted to, and because he found a way.I’m referring to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. That[…]
A New Way to Improve College Enrollment
American public schools do a good job of getting students into college, but a poor job preparing them to succeed once they’re there. While more than two-thirds of high school graduates enroll in college, nearly two-thirds of those arrive on campus unprepared for college-level rigor.Instead of trying to solve this problem together, high schools[…]
Advice for the Next President: Expand Social Security
Photographer: Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty ImagesThe next U.S. president and Congress will face a serious test: What to do, if anything, about the nation's retirement crisis?Americans aren’t saving nearly enough in their 401(k)s, while wide swaths of the workforce aren't saving at all, because they don’t have access to a retirement plan.[…]
Summer Internship with The Reach Trust (USAID Global Development Fellowship)
In the past summer, over ninety Goldman School students interned in government, nonprofit and private agencies throughout the US and the world.Max Aaronson spent his summer completing a USAID Global Development Fellowship in South Africa.  Through USAID’s Global Development Fellowship, Max interned at the Reach Trust in South Africa.  The[…]