In Memoriam: Professor Arnold Meltsner
It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Professor Arnold Meltsner.Professor Meltsner was one of the founding faculty members of the Goldman School of Public Policy. He taught "Pol Org" for years and he helped generations of students learn how to think like policy analysts and to write clear, lucid, and persuasive memos.Arnold came[…]
Who’s most at risk as Senate writes health care bill in secret?
Prefect Stone, 7, has his ear examined by Will Williams of The Children’s Health Center in Macon, Ga. Children could be among the most affected by cuts to Medicaid. Woody Marshall The Telegraph (Macon, Ga.)Right now, behind closed doors, U.S. senators are working on their version of the American Health Care Act to replace the Affordable[…]
Getting Everyone Home
Dear GSPP Community:Here's something I wrote this morning as I thought about the violence in Washington DC.In one of his memorable comic sketches, George Carlin compares baseball to football. Football is warlike, but baseball is played on a grassy field, it has pastoral images, it is peaceful, and it is about getting home. This sketch, along with Ken[…]
The London High-Rise Fire
The inferno in London is out, mainly because the entire flammable contents of the building have burned up. Fire hoses cannot deliver water to the upper floors of such buildings, and the ladders trucks can bring to the scene don’t reach nearly high enough. Many more deaths will be recorded -- I expect a toll in the dozens -- as the search for[…]
How “Law and Order” Policies Inflict Violence on Students of Color, and What We Can Do About It
Key Takeaway Students of color are harmed by brutal policies that exist both inside and outside of schools, but reforms are readily available.Find DocumentsPress Release: Publication: J. Mathis: (802) 383-0058,[…]
GSPP Alumni Association Board of Directors 2017-2018 Elections
GSPP Alumni - Vote in this year's Alumni Association Board elections! Your input will strengthen our Association, which is now entering its 19th year, in selecting its future leadership and help the Board represent the diversity of our alumni community. Those who are elected will join the GSPPAA Board of Directors this Fall 2017.To cast your vote,[…]