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Supercomputing and the Nobel Prize
Sometimes research worthy of the Nobel prize requires NERSC. NERSC? — National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center. It’s home to extremely powerful, extremely fast and extremely accurate computing and just turned 40. They celebrated the anniversary with a look at the research behind four Nobel Prizes: George Smoot, UC Berkeley – 2006 Nobel Prize for […]
Cyber Security: Planes, Trains and Automobiles
The first known use of the term “cyber security” was in 1994, yet 20 years later, it has become a powerful new field of academic research and public fascination. In an era of ‘black hats’, denial-of-service attacks, worms, viruses and Edward Snowden, society is increasingly turning to computer scientists for solutions. While much of the […]
A Good Tune – SummerFest 2014
In past seasons the SummerFest programs aired on UCSD-TV tended to the eclectic, mixing different styles, eras and composers broadly representative of the chamber music genre. This year, we’re focusing on four great masters of the Classical style: Franz Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert, and Johannes Brahms. Some definitions are useful here. We […]
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