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Professor of Radiology from the David Geffen School of Medicine UCLA, Noriko Salamon, MD, PhD, reviews basic imagery techniques for pediatric neuroimaging.

What does the future hold for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease? Steven L. Wagner, PhD joins William Mobley, MD, PhD to discuss the development of new drugs to aid in the fight. Wagner describes amyloid plaques as "the cholesterol of the brain" and is working to find a way to suppress its adverse effects.

Ebola, SARS, MERS, H1N1.. The news cycle highlights just how a rapidly globalizing world can produce threats to health across borders. Experts discuss the latest efforts to prepare for future pandemics and suggest what governments must do to protect their citizens. Speakers include Richard Feachem, Director, Global Health Group, UCSF; Larry Brilliant, President and Senior Adviser to Jeff Skoll, Skoll Global Threats Fund; Dan Kelly, Clinical Fellow, UCSF; and Ramanan Laxminarayan, Vice President, Research and Policy, Public Health Foundation of India. Recorded on 10/02/2014.

Dr. Darlene Mininni shares how resilience, emotional intelligence and mindfulness can affect physical health. Science consistently shows that positive emotions make a physiological impact on one's life - whether you are 18 or 80 - and Dr. Mininni offers practical advice to bring more well-being into your life.

Paul Offit, MD, Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases and the Director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia gives a spare and chilling account of the 1991 Philadelphia Measles epidemic and the measures taken by the city to stop it.

Surgeon and historian Jack C. Fisher sits down with Dr. David Granet to discuss the controversial history of silicone medical devices - including breast implants. Though the fear surrounding their usage was unwarranted and not based in scientific fact, battles waged about their safety and government regulation followed suit. Dr. Fisher argues that regulatory policy should rely on valid science and not on the fear of risk. Recorded on 04/17/2015.

Dr. Rebecca Sudore, Associate Professor of Medicine at UCSF, explains that the goal of advanced care planning is to make sure that the medical care a person gets is the medical care that is in line with her or his life goals and values and to prepare people and their loved ones to make informed choices based on what is most important. Recorded on 05/26/2015.

Flavio Vincenti, MD discusses novel therapies and new regimens in the UCSF kidney transplant program. Recorded on 04/10/2015.
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