1. Get Involved

2. Develop Study Skills

3. Manage Time Effectively

4. Seek Guidence

Seek Guidence

For many students, going to college is their first time away from home. The pressure of college life can be very demanding. If you need help, seek guidance. Ask for help from academic advisors and upper classman, and talk to others who are used to college life.

Many resources are available for students who need academic assistance. Visit an academic advisor to help plan your future and learn what classes you need to take. Investigate different colleges and what they require by visiting a Career Center. Talk to professors and teaching assistants for help with specific courses. If you need additional help, see if there is a tutoring program available.

Students need to take responsibility for their choices and actions. It's important to maintain relationships with advising and dean staff. Seek guidance for problems sooner than later.

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