1. Get Organized

2. Understand Class Levels and Requirements

3. Visit a College Campus

4. Get Help

Visit a College Campus

Visiting a college campus is a great way to make the college dream accessible to a student. It helps students form a concept of college that's realistic and will help to motivate the student through junior high and high school. It also gives students a chance to see that many types of people go to college--what is often considered "nerdy" in junior high and high school is considered "cool" in college.

A college or university offers a total experience for the student. It's a microcosm of the outside world. Try to go on a "normal" day to see what an average day is like in the life of a college student--don't go during the first week, for example, or during homecoming. Most colleges and universities offer tours. Contact the admissions office for more information. When you're there, be sure to visit the following: