1. Get Organized

2. Understand Class Levels and Requirements

3. Visit a College Campus

4. Get Help

Understand Class Levels and Requirements

Understanding which classes to take is vital. It is important to take the right classes and begin taking them early to be on track for college. The first step is to talk to your school's teachers and guidance counselors to see which classes you should be taking. Students should complete a strong algebra course by 8th grade and college preparatory English if possible.

PARENTS: Here are some additional steps to make sure your child is on track:
  • See if an AVID program (or similar program) is available at your school and see if your child can join. (AVID is a San Diego-based program that works towards the advancement of students through individual determination.)

  • See how assessment tests are going for your child. If necessary, get additional help once the assessment tests have been given. If a student shows a weakness in a certain area, then get help now.

  • Review your child's Sat9 test scores. The Sat9 (Stanford Achievement Test, Ninth Edition) is a test given to students grades 2 through 11 to measure performance in reading, language, spelling, and math. This test identifies a student's strengths and weaknesses and enables you to work on any weak areas.

  • Spontaneously quiz your child often and try to make a game of it. Associate learning with fun and accomplishment outside of school. For example, if you're going on a trip, have your child research the area and possibly write a book report about it. Find other ways to stimulate learning.

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