1. Get Organized

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3. Visit a College Campus

4. Get Help

Get Organized

One of the best tools for getting good grades is organization. Getting organized will help you to stay on track by managing your homework and activities effectively. Otherwise, it's easy to become overwhelmed by the demands of junior high school.

A great way to stay organized is to keep a Common Binder. A Common Binder should be large enough to hold assignments and handouts for all of your classes--a 3-inch wide, 3-ring binder is recommended. Your Common Binder should include:

  • Writing tools
  • Agenda of assignments
  • Checklist
  • Subject notes
  • Homework handouts and assignments
  • Blank paper
You'll need:
  • 3-inch wide, 3-ring binder
  • hole punch
  • notebook paper
  • subject dividers
  • writing tools (pens, pencils and erasers)
  • notebooks
Avoid buying notebooks or dividers with pockets. It's may be too tempting to throw loose papers into the pockets without organizing them properly. Keep a 3-hole punch handy to punch any papers without holes--then put them in the appropriate section of the Binder.

PARENTS: A Common Binder will help you track your child's progress. Look through the Binder and use it as a tool for communication. Check progress reports and your child's note-taking skills. Are the notes clear--can you understand them? If not, perhaps your child will not be able to, either. Most importantly, talk to your child about school. Your involvement will likely make the difference between whether or not your child goes to college.

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