1. Take the Right Classes

2. Volunteer or Get an Internship

3. Stay on Track

4. Get Help

Stay on Track

PARENTS: Don't back off now that your child is in high school. As your children grow older and become more independent, your involvement is most valuable during this transitional time in their lives. Look for "red flags" to see if your child may be in trouble, such as.
  • Changes in friendships
  • No future goals--child isn't thinking about the future
  • Report card is not making it home
  • Poor school attendance (attendance is critical!)
  • Isolated, not involved in extracurricular activities
To help your child:
  • Learn to listen.
  • Talk to school counselors and teachers.
  • Attend parent workshops and parent groups.
  • Get weekly progress reports. (Parents can request this if it is not offered automatically by the school.)
  • Provide study time. Set aside time every day to study. There should be no distractions, including TV, computer games, etc. If there is no homework, then student should spend that time reading or enjoying some kind of educational activity.

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