1. Take the Right Classes

2. Volunteer or Get an Internship

3. Stay on Track

4. Get Help

Volunteer or Get an Internship

Volunteer activities are important for your personal and professional development--and it also looks good on your college application. While volunteering places a greater demand on your time, it provides many benefits, including:

  • Helps you explore career options
  • Cultivates responsibility
  • Provides a "real world", "adult" environment in which to learn
  • Benefits the community
  • Improves discipline and people skills
  • Provides task/goal-oriented activities
  • Enriches your life
PARENTS: Your involvement is very important if your children are considering volunteering. They will need your help to organize their time and stay on track.

Many students volunteer after graduating, before going to college. AmeriCorps is a program that provides an education reward in exchange for full-time service from 10 months to one year. It's a great opportunity to learn more about yourself and possible career paths while earning money for college.

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