1. Know Your Financial Aid Resources

2. Apply for Financial Aid

3. Get Help

Apply for Financial Aid

How to Apply

Learn the deadlines for applying for financial aid and make sure to apply early. Talk to the financial aid office of the school you plan to attend. Fill out the FAFSA Form--FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is a free form that students must complete to apply for financial aid. It is available in December prior to the fall semester. For example, if you plan to attend college in the Fall Semester, 2002, then you will need to complete the FAFSA form in December, 2001. Complete any additional institutional applications that may be available. Check with the college you plan to attend to see if they have a financial aid form. Many will require you to fill this out in addition to the FAFSA form.

Determining Eligibility

Eligibility is based on the school you plan to attend and the cost of attendance. The Federal Methodology of Need Analysis is the method that is used to determine eligibility for state and federal funds. Institutions may have their own methods for determining eligibility.

Finding Out When You've Got Aid

The colleges you've applied to will send you a financial aid package outlining your financial aid rewards and options. Compare financial aid "offers" before making a final decision about which college you'd like to attend.

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