1. Communicate with Your Child

2. Communicate with Your School

3. Get Involved

Get Involved

How do parents get involved?
  • Attend open house at the beginning of the school year where you can meet teachers and tour classrooms.
  • Let teachers know you're available for input, perhaps by e-mail. If e-mail is available, write to teachers to let them know you're available to communicate.
  • Get involved with the PTA and have a presence on campus whenever possible. If teachers see you on campus, they know they'll have the opportunity to communicate with you when necessary.
  • Presence is the issuečnot time. Volunteer when you can. Teachers are very interested in finding opportunities for parents to participate in school activities. They will work with you to find something that fits your time requirements.
Ask the following questions:
  • Ask if your child is participating in class.
  • Ask for feedback regarding papers that have been sent home.
  • Ask if your child is being cooperative.
  • Ask for suggestions for how your child could improve.
Ask questions and teachers will communicate with you and give you feedback. But also be willing to listen. Sometimes it's not always easy to hear about your child's performance, but it's important to listen and respond to the information you're given. This dialogue will help your child be more successful.

Most importantly, make education an integral part of family life.

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