1. Understand College Expectations

2. Take College Entry Tests

3. Apply to Colleges

4. Take College Placement Tests

5. Avoid Senioritis

Take College Entry Tests

College entry tests have received much attention in the media in recent years as competition for college entry has increased. Needless to say, to be accepted into most 4-year colleges, good test scores are as important as good grades.

SAT + GPA = Eligibility

Do SATs and ACTs test intelligence or test what students have learned in high school?

There is some controversy about this subject, but basically such tests provide a reasonable prediction of how well a student will perform in college.

How can students and parents prepare for tests?

  • Recognize the importance of college entry exams and prepare early.
  • Train for tests. Regular, repetitive practice will help to improve test scores, especially in vocabulary.
  • Review math skills.

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