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Profiles in Discovery: Nick Spitzer – The Ever-Changing Brain: From Embryo To Adult
Early neurological dogma was that a brain’s neurons were hardwired to be only one type of signaling molecule and nothing else. Turns out, this belief was wrong. Nick Spitzer, UC San Diego professor and director of the UCSD Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind, proved that neurons could change from one type of transmitter to […]
The Domestication of Animals and Human Evolution
What can the changes that made cuddly pets from steely predators tell us about ourselves? What do differences such as pointy ears or floppy ears, a long snout or a short one, a protruding jaw or a child-like face, or the timing and pace of brain development tell us? These are just a few of […]
UCTV’s Top 20 of 2014
The end of the year seems synonymous with top ten lists. We couldn’t quite limit ourselves to only ten out of the hundreds of programs we premiered in 2014 so we expanded it to twenty to give you more of a taste for the amazing diversity of topics and presenters on UCTV. From the Congo […]
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