The simple fact that could put the brakes on nuclear energy
If you follow the headlines, nuclear energy seems to be enjoying a bit of a renaissance. A new generation of nuclear innovators is emerging...
Climate change to reduce wheat yields by as much as a third, new model suggests
Agricultural technology can help bridge the gap.
Beneath the ice
An underwater robot explores inhospitable waters to help predict how and when Antarctic ice shelves collapse.
Research shows global photosynthesis on the rise
Researchers document a ‘fundamental shift’ in Earth’s plants over the past two centuries.
UC Irvine to save 50 million gallons in drinkable water annually
Once completed, the project will mark a 42 percent decrease in consumption in a decade.
Learning from history
Climate-tracking tools help predict drought and mitigate its effects.
A collective push on climate change
New 'OneClimate' initiative brings together climate science researchers from across campus.
Breeding crops today for an uncertain tomorrow
Fast phenotyping may be the next frontier.
Oroville Dam crisis could be sign of things to come
California's system of dams and reservoirs isn't ready for climate change, UCLA professor warns.
UC sustainability: Students and solar light the way forward
The 2016 UC Sustainability Report highlights the university's big steps in the right direction as well as the hurdles ahead.
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