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Extension’s Annual Career Showcase: And a Hovering Quadcopter Shall Lead Them
            UC San Diego Extension presented its annual “Continuing Education & Career Showcase” on Thursday night, Sept. 18, attracting nearly 400 attendees, most of whom seek to enhance their current careers or chart a new career path. A total of 14 career workshops were presented by Extension instructors, including those […]
Oh, the Places You’ll Go and the Sights You’ll See: A Double Rainbow Over Geisel Library
UC San Diego Publications staff photographer Erik Jepsen, a frequent contributor to “Extension Newsroom,” took this spectacular photo on Tuesday, Sept. 16 at dusk. The iconic campus Geisel Library is named in honor of Audrey and Theodor Seuss Geisel (famed children’s book author/illustrator Dr. Seuss) for their contributions to the library, the university and devotion to literacy. […]
More Than a Village: Exploring the Dynamics of School-Community Engagement
Morgan P. Appel, Director, Education Department Effective community engagement is the lifeblood of the educational endeavor. Even those reforms foisted upon institutions from on high require broader buy-in from those impacted by sea changes (or incremental changes) in education. For the most part, our schools do a decent job of soliciting involvement from parents and […]
Extension’s OSHA Training Courses Expand to CSU East Bay Campus
UC San Diego Extension’s OSHA Training Institute Education Center courses have a new home in downtown Oakland, at California State University, East Bay’s Oakland Center. Located in the Trans Pacific Centre Building, the educational facility offers a wide variety of safety training courses, including Federal OSHA-numbered offerings and other industry-specific safety classes. The classroom facility […]
From Real Estate to Alcohol/Drug Abuse Counseling: “This is Something I Was Always Meant to Do”
Lou Binford spent more than 25 years in real estate sales, successfully. Three years ago, he decided it was time to change careers, to try something different. Now he’s an alcohol and drug counselor, specializing in juvenile recovery, at Vista Hill in Kearny Mesa. Sober for the past 33 years, Binford completed UC San Diego […]

Overcoming Stage Fright: What’s So Scary About Acting Class? With Jacole Kitchen
Date: 9/11/2014
As casting director at San Diego Repertory Theatre, known as "The Rep," Jacole Kitchen works with professional actors who have devoted a lifetime to their craft. As an Extension instructor, she teaches the craft of acting to serious theatre students, as well as to non-actors, those who desire to gain confidence as public speakers.

Predictive Analytics: We’ve Come A Long Way Since Palm Reading with Alex Guazzelli
Date: 8/14/2014 Listens: 189
We find out the latest from Alex Guazzelli, an expert in brain neurology who's responsible for developing the core predictive technology for Zementis, a San Diego-based technology firm. A UC San Diego Extension instructor in PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language), Guazzelli manages all scientific aspects and advanced analytics for the company. Recorded on 08/14/2014.

Chilling Crime Stories: Writing About the Unspeakable with Caitlin Rother
Date: 7/10/2014 Listens: 365
Host John B.B. Freeman talks with Caitlin Rother, the best-selling true crime author who teaches "Writing Narrative Non-Fiction" at UC San Diego Extension. Rother is best known for "Lost Girls," her 2012 book that tells the gruesome story of convicted killer and sexual predator John Gardner. Instructive and inspiring, the 30-minute interview reveals how a professional author crafts her books and tells her stories, deals with criticism, and how she transfers her writing talents to the classroom.

Internet Privacy: What’s Our Vulnerability?
Date: 6/12/2014 Listens: 290
Christopher Vera, privacy manager at SDG&E, discusses the issues of privacy and cybersecurity as they relate to the workplace and our every-day lives. Vera develops and implements a customer privacy program for SDG&E, the public utility that provides energy services to 3.5 million consumers throughout San Diego and Orange County. He describes himself as an agent of positive and collaborative change, specializing in the building of information-security programs. Among his specialties are security strategy, incident response, vulnerability management, and security awareness. Away from cybersecurity, Chris prides himself as a cyber-poet, artist and writer within the mysterious cosmos.

At the Intersection of the Digital and Healthcare Revolution with Camille Saltman
Date: 4/19/2013 Listens: 1,818
The Career Channel's Henry DeVries sits down for a conversation on careers with Camille Saltman, president of MD Revolution. Saltman provides strategic direction and oversight of all business development and operational activity and helps formulate and drive key business strategies across all areas of the business. Saltman was previously President of CONNECT and continues to be a member of CONNECT's board of directors. Over Saltman's six years with CONNECT she rebuilt the organization's world renowned Springboard program; established the Look Near First to keep outsourcing and manufacturing in San Diego -- an initiative recognized by the Clinton Global Initiative; and co-founded the Wireless Life Sciences Alliance, CleanTech San Diego, ranked one of the top 10 clean tech cluster organizations in the US.

What Makes a Successful Leader? -- Cynthia Burnham, Author of The Charisma Edge
Date: 3/14/2013 Listens: 966
What is it that makes a leader? According to Cynthia Burnham, power and confidence can translate into success in the corporate world and beyond. Burnham, author of The Charisma Edge: A How-To Guide for Turning on Your Leadership Power, discusses how to construct the confidence needed to be a successful leader with host Henry DeVries.

Minimize Wasteful Work: Lynn Coffman, Author of Slay the Email Monster
Date: 2/14/2013 Listens: 667
In the corporate world, waste is one of productivity's largest obstacles. And with technology's increasing speed and interconnectivity, it can be hard to sort effectively through the muda, the Japanese term for waste or uselessness. Lynn Coffman, author of Slay the Email Monster, joins host Henry DeVries to discuss ways to minimize wasteful work and focus effort productively.

San Diego Workforce Partnership - Peter Callstrom
Date: 1/10/2013 Listens: 881
Peter Callstrom, president and CEO of San Diego Workforce Partnership (SDWP), discusses vital job training programs with host Henry DeVries. The San Diego Workforce Partnership funds job training programs that enable eligible adults to develop the skills and knowledge needed for emerging career opportunities within such fields as green jobs, healthcare, and clean technology.

Technology Career Trends with Neil Senturia
Date: 12/13/2012 Listens: 831
Neil Senturia, CEO of Blackbird Ventures, joins host Henry DeVries to discuss technology career trends. As an investor in high growth potential companies, Neil also serves as CEO of Oberon Fuels, which is developing a clean alternative to diesel fuel. He and his wife, Barbara Bry, teach entrepreneurship at UC San Diego and write a weekly column for U-T San Diego about entrepreneurship. Neil is also the author of "I'm There for You Baby, The Entrepreneur's Guide to the Galaxy," which is filled with valuable rules for entrepreneurs.