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Career Talk: “Justice Served, A Prosecutor’s View of the Law”
A monthly series of conversations with UC San Diego Extension instructors Nov. 13, 2014 Topic: “Justice Served: A Prosecutor’s View of the Law” Host: John Freeman Guest: Richard Sachs, Instructor, Criminal Law & Procedure and Evidence Law CLICK HERE TO LISTEN An Extension instructor in Paralegal, Richard Sachs teaches two courses, Criminal Law & Procedure and […]
Coding Boot Camps: Programming Immersion with a Future
Is the popularity of traditional four-year degrees in danger of falling? Most likely not, but the variety of alternatives is increasing. Coding boot camps are one of the alternatives that have received a lot of attention in recent years. The programs generally consist of a relatively short, intense, immersion-style education, in which participants are taught […]
His Life As a Screenwriter: “It’s An Art That Can Learned”
INSTRUCTOR PROFILE, TEN QUESTIONS: For starters, Warren Lewis has a declaration to make: “I’m a proud son of the real Brooklyn, not the ‘suddenly chic’ Brooklyn. My heart is still in Coney Island.” Clearly New York City born-and-bred, Lewis has spent much of his professional life as a Hollywood-based screenwriter, achieving notable success. Among avid […]
Exploring Creative Spaces in Education Through Depth and Complexity, Part 3
Creative Inspiration Using Depth, Complexity and Flexible Grouping Morgan Appel, Director, Education Department As human beings with unique cognitive and affective profiles, we differentiate ourselves organically in terms of abilities and skills; learning styles; and interests. When we consider creative movements, we come to realize that diversity in thought and perspective offers potential for high-yield […]
Exploring Creative Spaces in Education Through Depth and Complexity, Part 2
Learning Environments as Sources of Creative Inspiration Morgan Appel, Director, Education Department Part 1 of this series on Creative Spaces highlighted the fundamental characteristics of our most productive creative movements, motivating a more intensive reflection on their abilities to attend to the cognitive and affective domains of the brain. These reflections prompted us to ponder […]
Career Talk is a 20-minute interview hosted by John B.B. Freeman, UC San Diego Extension's Director of Communications.

Each month, Freeman talks with successful, interesting and provocative guests who have a direct connection to Extension's wide-ranging courses and certificate programs.
Latest Career Talk Programs:

Justice Served: A Prosecutor's View of the Law with Richard Sachs, J.D. (Career Talk audio)
Date: 11/13/2014
An Extension instructor in Paralegal, Richard Sachs teaches two courses, Criminal Law & Procedure and Evidence Law. He's also a long-time prosecutor and deputy district attorney with the City of San Diego. It's his job to make sure convicted criminals serve sufficient prison time before parole, a process known as "lifer hearings." Throughout his career, he has regarded law as "endlessly fascinating."

The Promise of Clean Tech: What’s Our Energy Future? with Jacques Chirazi (Career Talk audio)
Date: 10/9/2014 Listens: 173
The manager of CleanTech San Diego, Jacques Chirazi's role is to support and develop the region's fast-growing clean tech industry. He works closely with a wide range of private, public and nonprofit groups, spreading the word about the economic and healthy-living benefits of clean energy. An expert on biomimicry, he's one of three instructors for Extension's "Clean Energy/Clean Tech" course.

Overcoming Stage Fright: What’s So Scary About Acting Class? With Jacole Kitchen (Career Talk audio)
Date: 9/11/2014 Listens: 649
As casting director at San Diego Repertory Theatre, known as "The Rep," Jacole Kitchen works with professional actors who have devoted a lifetime to their craft. As an Extension instructor, she teaches the craft of acting to serious theatre students, as well as to non-actors, those who desire to gain confidence as public speakers.

Predictive Analytics: We’ve Come A Long Way Since Palm Reading with Alex Guazzelli (Career Talk audio)
Date: 8/14/2014 Listens: 737
We find out the latest from Alex Guazzelli, an expert in brain neurology who's responsible for developing the core predictive technology for Zementis, a San Diego-based technology firm. A UC San Diego Extension instructor in PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language), Guazzelli manages all scientific aspects and advanced analytics for the company. Recorded on 08/14/2014.

Chilling Crime Stories: Writing About the Unspeakable with Caitlin Rother (Career Talk audio)
Date: 7/10/2014 Listens: 669
Host John B.B. Freeman talks with Caitlin Rother, the best-selling true crime author who teaches "Writing Narrative Non-Fiction" at UC San Diego Extension. Rother is best known for "Lost Girls," her 2012 book that tells the gruesome story of convicted killer and sexual predator John Gardner. Instructive and inspiring, the 30-minute interview reveals how a professional author crafts her books and tells her stories, deals with criticism, and how she transfers her writing talents to the classroom.