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Traveling Through the Universe
When Michael L. Norman gazes upward at the nightly universe, he sees what first captivated him as a child. “I spent every clear night looking at the universe with my telescope,” said Norman. “I thought it was fascinating. Since then, my whole career has been driven by that fascination.” Now, as director of the San […]
A Matter of Eating Right: “Every Day We Are Faced with Numerous Food Choices”
INSTRUCTOR PROFILE: TEN QUESTIONS Katie Ferraro readily admits she has a weakness for tortilla chips, a surprising admission for a registered dietitian who values the benefits of health and nutrition. As she details below, smarter snack-food choices include eating more fresh fruit, nuts and low-fat dairy products. But a handful of tortilla chips need not […]
Acting for Everyday Life: “All the World’s a Stage”
All great leaders, speakers, and entertainers usually have one trait in common: They’re great actors, as well. To UC San Diego Extension instructor Ryan Beattie Scrimger, the connection is precisely as the Bard doth quote: “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” “Most of us already use the life […]
An Author’s Flights of Fantasy: “Nurturing the Spark of Creativity in Young People”
Henry Herz has two writing partners — his young sons Josh and Harrison. Together, they spin fanciful tales of science fiction and fantasy aimed at children whose fertile imaginations run just as wild as theirs. Their first collaboration, a fantasy early chapter book, was published in 2012 and titled Nimpentoad, which he describes below. Herz […]
Symposium to Present CEO Leaders Who are Authors: “Innovation & Next Practice Strategies”
EVENT INFO: “Innovation & Next Practice Strategies” Date: Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014 Time: 7:30 am to 10:30 am Site: Qualcomm Auditorium, Building Q (6455 Lusk Blvd., San Diego,CA 92121) Admission: $55, pre-registered; $95 at door An upcoming symposium featuring CEOs who are authors and experts in innovation and next-practice strategies will feature UC San Diego […]
Career Talk is a 15-minute interview hosted by John B.B. Freeman, UC San Diego Extension's Director of Communications.

Each month, Freeman talks with successful, interesting and provocative guests who have a direct connection to Extension's wide-ranging courses and certificate programs.
Latest Career Talk Programs:

The Promise of Clean Tech: What’s Our Energy Future? with Jacques Chirazi (Career Talk audio)
Date: 10/9/2014
The manager of CleanTech San Diego, Jacques Chirazi's role is to support and develop the region's fast-growing clean tech industry. He works closely with a wide range of private, public and nonprofit groups, spreading the word about the economic and healthy-living benefits of clean energy. An expert on biomimicry, he's one of three instructors for Extension's "Clean Energy/Clean Tech" course.

Overcoming Stage Fright: What’s So Scary About Acting Class? With Jacole Kitchen (Career Talk audio)
Date: 9/11/2014 Listens: 372
As casting director at San Diego Repertory Theatre, known as "The Rep," Jacole Kitchen works with professional actors who have devoted a lifetime to their craft. As an Extension instructor, she teaches the craft of acting to serious theatre students, as well as to non-actors, those who desire to gain confidence as public speakers.

Predictive Analytics: We’ve Come A Long Way Since Palm Reading with Alex Guazzelli (Career Talk audio)
Date: 8/14/2014 Listens: 492
We find out the latest from Alex Guazzelli, an expert in brain neurology who's responsible for developing the core predictive technology for Zementis, a San Diego-based technology firm. A UC San Diego Extension instructor in PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language), Guazzelli manages all scientific aspects and advanced analytics for the company. Recorded on 08/14/2014.

Chilling Crime Stories: Writing About the Unspeakable with Caitlin Rother (Career Talk audio)
Date: 7/10/2014 Listens: 526
Host John B.B. Freeman talks with Caitlin Rother, the best-selling true crime author who teaches "Writing Narrative Non-Fiction" at UC San Diego Extension. Rother is best known for "Lost Girls," her 2012 book that tells the gruesome story of convicted killer and sexual predator John Gardner. Instructive and inspiring, the 30-minute interview reveals how a professional author crafts her books and tells her stories, deals with criticism, and how she transfers her writing talents to the classroom.

Internet Privacy: What’s Our Vulnerability? (Career Talk audio)
Date: 6/12/2014 Listens: 443
Christopher Vera, privacy manager at SDG&E, discusses the issues of privacy and cybersecurity as they relate to the workplace and our every-day lives. Vera develops and implements a customer privacy program for SDG&E, the public utility that provides energy services to 3.5 million consumers throughout San Diego and Orange County. He describes himself as an agent of positive and collaborative change, specializing in the building of information-security programs. Among his specialties are security strategy, incident response, vulnerability management, and security awareness. Away from cybersecurity, Chris prides himself as a cyber-poet, artist and writer within the mysterious cosmos.