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Career Talk

Career Talk is a 20-minute interview show hosted by UC San Diego Extension.

Each month, experts from a variety of industries discuss the latest trends in today's workplace.

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The Pulse with Leslie Bruce

The Pulse is a monthly podcast series devoted to health issues and the healthcare workplace hosted by UC San Diego Extension's Leslie Bruce.

An expert in healthcare and public policy, Bruce currently serves as Extension instructor for Politics and Public Policy of US Healthcare: Washington, DC and Introduction to US Healthcare. She also lectures in the Health Law and Policy master's degree program and in the Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program.

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Best ways to boost your career in the new year
A new year means a slew of new resolutions: to eat better, to work out more, to finally write the great American novel. It’s also a great time to take stock of your career and set goals for what you’d like to achieve in 2016 and beyond. While those goals should be tangible and actionable, […]
The Pulse: What would you fund with $3 million?
AHF leader discusses non-traditional grant recipients and their methods   Nancy Sasaki, executive director of Alliance Healthcare Foundation, touts innovation for entrenched problems among needy populations If you had $3 million to devote to improving the health of vulnerable citizens of San Diego and Imperial County each year, what would you fund? Would you bring […]
Emotional intelligence and the bottom line
You may be smart, but that might not be enough in today’s job market. More companies are looking for those who are emotionally savvy as well. Trevor Blair, director of executive search for Manpower San Diego, a local employment agency, said the importance of a high EQ — also known as emotional intelligence — cannot […]
Four myths and misconceptions about internships
The days when interns spent much of their time fetching coffee or filing obsolete records are long gone. Increasingly, employers see internships as a vital tool to find and train new talent. For employees, internships provide a way to get a leg up in a competitive job market. Still, myths persist about the need or […]
More than just a resource: The changing nature of HR
The primary tasks of an HR department used to involve administering payroll and employee benefit schemes, and occasionally planning company outings. These days, the field of human resources is about more than the mechanics of hiring and firing, benefits packages and regulatory compliance. Human resources professionals are more likely to be strategic partners to their […]