UCTV Celebrates 10 Years

Join us as we celebrate UCTV's tenth anniversary throughout 2010. Check back to see what we're spotlighting each month. You'll be amazed to see what we've created over the last decade--and what's to come!

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UCTV's first decade has been an eventful journey. Follow along on the timeline to experience our most memorable milestones and achievements. (Or download a PDF of the timeline.)

December Spotlight: Best of the Decade

We’re wrapping up our 10th anniversary year with a look back at some of our most popular programs of the decade. From glorious symphonies to life-changing lectures, millions of viewers from around the globe have tuned in to UCTV on satellite, cable and the web.

Sugar: the Bitter Truth

Carl Orff: Carmina Burana

Darwin Evolving

More of the Best on UCTV

Congratulations, UCTV!

Enjoy these congratulatory videos from the University of California:

Juan Felipe Herrera and
Karen Wilson
Mark G. Yudof,
UC President

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January Spotlight: Nobel Laureates

February Spotlight: Black History Month

March Spotlight: Regarding Religion

April Spotlight: National Poetry Month

May Spotlight: Exploring Astronomy

June Spotlight: Journalism in Flux

July Spotlight: Innovators and Entrepreneurs

August Spotlight: All Things Green

September Spotlight: Education: K - You

October Spotlight: Women's Health

November Spotlight: Indulge in the Arts
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